How to find shutter count /actuation in Canon DSLR cameras

I wanted to sell my camera so it was important to know shutter count or actuation in my camera to set a sensible price. I did some research and came up with some options to get the shutter count.

  • Magic lantern
  • Photoshop
  • Uploading images on a website

None of these options worked for me. I have not installed Magic Lantern, this is yet another beast to learn to install on my camera. Someone suggested that we find count in Photoshop file information, this did not work for me. I found the website where you can upload an image to get shutter count, this did not work for me either.


I found a lightweight tool which works for many Canon models. I have tested this on my Canon 600d aka T3i on windows 10 64 bit OS, this worked as expected.

Supported Canon Models

Rebel XS 1000D Kiss F
Rebel XSi 450D Kiss X2
Rebel T1i 500D Kiss X3
Rebel T2i 550D Kiss X4
Rebel T3 1100D Kiss X50
Rebel T3i 600D Kiss X5
Rebel T4i 650D Kiss X6i
Rebel T5i 700D Kiss X7i
Rebel SL1 100D Kiss X7
40D 50D 60D 70D 6D 7D

5D Mark II
5D Mark III
1D Mark IV
1D X


Link updated due to Google drive sharing policy. [26/09/2021]


  • Extract zip file in a folder
  • Turn Off Camera
  • Connect Camera to USB Port
  • Turn ON Camera
  • Close EOS Utility if set to open automatically
  • Open ‘EOSinfo.exe’
  • Wait for Result
  • Press OK on Success dialogue box
  • Turn Off Camera and read result


I hope this helps some of you!

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