Mam Tor – The great ridge walk

On Sunday, over our weekend trip in October to Peak district, we decided hike Mam Tor. The plan was to hike short distance as we were driving back to home on the same day.

We drove to the  Mam Nick Car Park. It was relatively small car park for one of the popular route. We got lucky to get one space. People parked on the road. There was a long queue of cars by the road.

Driving to get there was fun with the stunning view of rolling hills, large meadows, bendy roads.

The hike was easy and family friendly. There are few steep climbs but not that difficult, with someone’s support.

We did about 5 miles round trip from Carpark to Lose Hill. Views we experienced were breathtaking. It took us around 3 hours to complete the route which is longer than usual as we spent a long time taking photographs on Lose hill.

The area looked popular amongst paragliders, It was the obvious choice for them due to the diversity this area can offer.

Mam Tor Ridge Walk

The walk started with the path through the forest. Once we crossed the forest magnificent views started appearing.

Mam Tor Ridge Walk


View of complete trail

Mam Tor Ridge Walk


Valley towards our left

Mam Tor Ridge Walk


View towards our right

Mam Tor Ridge Walk


There were many archaeological artefacts, we saw on our way.

Mam Tor Ridge Walk



Mam Tor Ridge Walk


We reach the Lose hill. This was a steep climb but it was certainly worth to get to the top.

Mam Tor Ridge Walk


The straight fall from the top is not for faint-hearted. It looked to me 50 metres, 90 degrees fall.  There are rocks you can reach to experience adrenaline.

Mam Tor Ridge Walk

Mam Tor Ridge Walk

Here is me, chilling out and enjoying the majestic beauty.


Mam Tor Ridge Walk


Complete view of the route from the reverse side.

Mam Tor Ridge Walk


With all these amazing experience in the hike, we were glad that we make an effort to go there despite time limit.

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