Social Distancing Spring

I randomly go out for cycling as part of allocated excersing quota when I can. I am glad I do, to take my mind off from all the madness!

During this pandemic, society has changed, human relationship has changed, life style has fundamentally changed, economy has changed, but nature standing still & strong, exactly the same as last year’s spring. It is still spreading magnificient beauty, for the people to take off the mind from austerity. Let’s stay strong, we will definitely win the battle with invisible enemy.

These photos were taken on my mobile phone, around the areas where I live.

Sneek Peek of the Waterfall. Curious how this looks like in Autumn, follow this link
Little Bridge
Spring Sprung in Hampton Court
Virginia Water, my favorite
Empty Motorway
And finallly that’s me.

Certainly this is not an encouragement to go out and about. Stay home, stay safe, save yourself, save your family & save the world.

Updates from today’s cycling trip to Bushy park. 02/05/2020

Tree lined up maintaining social distance
Spring Sunshine
Perfect day for cycling
Spring colors

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