Research paper: Automated Test Case Generation from UML Communication Diagram

I did detail research and develop a prototype in 2009 to automate the test case generation based on UML communication diagram. I added this information to my blog if anybody wants to do research in similar area. I am happy to share my knowledge, experiences and outcome. Contact me if would like to read complete research paper.

Abstract of research

Presently, the test case generation from design specifications is relatively important work in testing phase. This researc describes the automated test case generation approach from the UML communication diagram. The model based testing process for test case automation is shown from the start to end.

This report describes the primary idea of the approach, project plan, software requirement specification. The design and implementation describes the logical view of the application and testing conforms whether or not the aims and object has been achieved.

The approach is to transform communication diagram into communication tree which is followed by the selection of predicate.  The selected predicate will be transformed in order to find the test data corresponding to the predicate. The process will be continued till all the predicated are considered for test generation. There are four test adequacy criteria to make the generated test cases more effective.  The approach has been described with an example.

For the demonstration purpose, I have developed one prototype application to show how it is going to work in practice..

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