Best places to photograph in South West London

As an enthusiast photographer, I look for the areas to photograph where I can improve my skills. In my few years of experience, the best areas to take photographs are:

Morden hall park
Modern hall park offers varieties within its vicinity to take photos. It has a mansion, river, rose garden, beautiful iron bridge.

It is within easy reach from Morden station on Northern line.


Hampton Court

At Hampton Court, you can discover the magnificence of Henry VIII’s favourite royal residence, by the river Thames. Bridge adds beautiful dimension to photographs. There are moored boats on the both side of the bridge so you can take photographs.

I suggest taking photographs of sunset and is magnificent.

Hampton court station is a minute walk from the scenic place.

Hampton Court

Box Hill

Box Hill is the perfect place to discover a family walk and explore the beautiful Surrey Hills. Forming part of the North Downs, Box Hill has breathtaking views across the surrounding countryside. It’s home to some fantastic wildlife and plants too, including the Adonis blue butterfly and bee orchid.

You can walk to stepping stone which is on the Mole river.

Driving is suggested to get there.  It is about 30 minutes downhill walk to stepping stone .

Stepping Stone

Bushy Park

Bushy is the second largest Royal Park. Park is not far from Hampton Court Palace so basically you can walk to Bushy park. it is home to around 320 free-roaming deer.

You will find grassland, ancient trees, woodlands, ponds and streams, supports a rich diversity of fungi, plants and animals, and many species of birds and waterfowl.

This is the best place to practice wildlife photography. Please remember not to disturb freely roaming deer for you benefits.

Red Stag and crows

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